Drink healthy water every day!

Live healthy and take advantage from wonderful water drinking which cleans your body, stimulates your brain and delays aging process.

We are a company with 8 years tradition, committed to finding better solutions to the most common water problems faced by homeowners today. Hard water and acidic water can do irreversible damage to your home, industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals are now found in drinking and bathing water, iron staining and foul odors make using your water unpleasant, and bacteria and pathogens can make you sick. Is there a way to eliminate these problems, without using chemicals that can themselves do damage and make you sick? We believe so.

Water is our life! By drinking water we need to realize how much pollution is in it (based on a city report) like chlorine, lead, Mercury, Fluor and more. By drinking dirty water our wellbeing is getting worse, we have less energy and usually we grab coffee as a solution. Our body is being acid by chemicals which fall behind for a long time, progressively making us feel worse. All we need is simply just a glass of raw water.

At Clear Life Chicago, we set out to create water treatment solutions that we wanted to use in our own homes. The result? Innovative, hardworking water treatment products that are good for you, good for the planet, and easy to own and care for.